Why Avatar?

  • Avatar is useful for anyone who is facing a challenge or seeking growth

  • Avatar can assist people who want to make a better life and a better world

  • Avatar can bring strength to those facing medical conditions or other difficulties

  • Avatar is advantageous for those wanting to improve the quality of their relationships

  • Avatar can help guide people setting their life goals

  • Avatar can help enrich the lives of individuals and families

  • Avatar can be beneficial to people from all walks of life

  • The Avatar feeling stays with you as you use the tools in your everyday life

  • Family members feel ease and delight in the fact they see peace and energy flow through you

  • Avatar tools are simple and effective yet profound

Additional Avatar Resources

Please contact Dr. Lindquist for Avatar introductions, and more information on seminars, classes, and conferences
Please visit the Avatar web site for additional information

Avatar and Medicine