Avatar and Medicine

Deborah Lindquist

Hello, my name is Deborah Lindquist. I have been a Medical Oncologist and Hematologist since 1987, and began teaching Avatar in 1995.  I have worked with many of my patients by taking them through the Avatar course because I believe being in charge of one's own life is an important tool in overcoming cancer.  A cancer diagnosis is a complex, life-changing event. Patients and their loved ones are faced with an overwhelming number of opinions, choices and decisions. Patients may find themselves surrounded by friends, family members and professionals who are anxious to help, but finding the best approach for the journey ahead can be daunting. The best thing to do is to EMPOWER ONESELF! The teachings and techniques of Avatar can bring strength and clarity to the days ahead. It has been my honor to share these tools with my patients and their families and my staff members and to witness their transformations into radiant beings!

And this is for everyone!  Young, older, any walk of life, any amount of previous connection with learning about consciousness.  All it takes is a willingness to explore.  And a desire to improve oneself, or the world.

Please see my article on "Avatar and Medicine" for an experiential feel. Look through the site to learn more about Avatar. I look forward to meeting you!

Starting Your Avatar Adventure

A short film about the Avatar Course


Avatar and Medicine


If you are ready to take a massive quantum leap of consciousness in your life, and open up to a miraculous world of limitless possibilities, Avatar has the coolest tools for you! Not only can it be the richest inner journey you take with yourself, it’s also such an incredibly rich and vibrant environment. Truly quite phenomenal that you get to work with people from all over the world and all walks of life! And never mind the fun : )

Avatar and Medicine


My experience with Avatar began before I knew what it was. Three years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. My doctor, unknown to me,
Is an Avatar master. Her compassion and ability to assess my situation played a large role in my recovery. In the exam room I read various Avatar sayings. Eventually I picked up the card "Avatar..the compassion exercise".  It begins "Just like me..." Now I was really interested. I asked a few questions and was given some books to read. I related to the author, Harry Palmer, and his mantras "live deliberately " and love precious humanity".
I took the Avatar course. It was awesome to gather with 400 to 500 people from all around the world, all wanting to change the world..one person at a time.
The course gave me in depth insight into the beliefs I held and the limiting nature of these beliefs in my relationships with others,  nature, and the world. I  now had tools to assist my growth.
I then took the masters course in order to be able to assist others to open to their "limiting beliefs" give them the tools to accomplish this and enjoy, more fully, their life journey.
Oh yes.. Avra and all the others who facilitate this course are a lot of fun.

Avatar and Medicine


How can I find words to thank you for all your loving doctoring and kindnesses, the best of which was Avatar, Masters and Wizards. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of

my heart!!! Those training's are making this final walk with cancer so much easier!!! I am making "deathbed requests" to numbers of people to take Avatar. (Hope its effective!!!)

Lots and Lots and Lots of Love, Light & Laughter.